What parents say...

N. Powell

Lucy has been coming to CATS (and Kittens) for 4 years now, we tried a few drama groups at the time but we instantly loved it here after attending her first Summer School. Lucy used to be so shy but Em and Louise have completely brought her out of her shell and when she performs she is so confident! They have always been amazing! The theatre group is really inclusive and brings out the best of all the children and young people. Thank you for everything x

L. Williams

I used to attend amateur dramatics myself as a child and my nephew attended CATS. I went to see him in some of the shows and they were fantastic. I knew straight away that I wanted my child to attend when she was old enough. Since Josie started Kittens she has grown in her confidence and socialising with other children. She loves dancing, singing and acting and never keeps still now, it also helps to keep her focused. The staff are amazing with the children and I can’t wait for her to move up into the next group which I know she will love just as much. I would highly recommend CATS to any parent for their child.

J. Roberts

My daughter Ellie absolutely loves CATS! CATS has such a family feel and from the moment Ellie started over 2 years ago, she has loved every second. Ellie has made so many friends and gets so excited when its time to perform for her medals or perform on the big stage! We can't thank everyone at CATS enough for all of their hard work and dedication; it truly shows!

S. Timmins

My daughter had been attending CATS for a little while now, first as a Kitten and now in Primary Juniors. She absolutely loves going to cats and its quite often the highlight of her week. She has grown so much in confidence since she started attending. We love going to see all the shows put on by CATS, they are all so well done. Thank you, for all you do.

T. Higson

My daughter absolutely loves coming to CATS. She is like a different girl since starting. Her confidence is amazing, and she even shares dances and songs with her friends and family. ALL the staff are brilliant with the kids too. She loves the shows and is so excited when she wakes on a Saturday morning knowing she gets to see her CATS family. Thankyou Louise, Paul & Em (and everyone else involved) for all you do!

L. McKenna

My daughter absolutely loves coming to CATS every week. One week when I picked her up she told me she wanted to live there!

L. Taylor

CATS has been the best thing that has ever happened to my son. It’s taught him discipline confidence and self-belief. He’s always loved the arts but now he’s become focused on what he wants. He loves it, it’s the highlight of his week. We also go watching the senior shows too as they are always fantastic. The effort the staff make with the children and the way they teach and truly care for the children has never been matched by any other drama school my son has attended. I’m sure he will still be at cats for many years to come. Thanks for everything you do for my lad!!!!

N. Powell

Lucy absolutely loves her Kittens class and it has really helped her confidence. You guys are brilliant. Thank you 

K. Newton

My daughter Abigail joined CATS when she was 5 now 8 loves it given her lots of confidence and loves doing the shows xx you are doing an amazing job well done 

R. Jones

I have three children who attend CATS, all with very different personalities. CATS is great for building children’s confidence, communication skills and working hard together to put together performances. The team are really dedicated and ensure the children put on great productions. Even my most reluctant child thoroughly enjoys CATS and despite not wanting main parts, is encouraged to participate and this is really beneficial to confidence. All of the experiences CATS provides definitely have a positive impact the children and their lives outside drama. 

G. Turner

My son Charlie is 7 and has attended Kittens for nearly 2 years. Charlie has lots of fun and loves it. His confidence has grown massively, who’d have thought he would be up on a stage performing!!

K. Gradwell

CATS was recommended to us two years ago as a friendly yet professional drama group for Jack who already loved his acting. He has made some great friends, has learnt a lot yet has fun along the way. He hates to miss a session and even tried to leave hospital on the same day he’d had an operation in order to attend! 

C. Royle

My daughter joined CATS just a few months ago. She was instantly welcomed to the group and has already made some good friends. She has really enjoyed being part of her first show and learnt lots from the experience.

J. Howcroft

Both my teenagers go to CATS. They have been to other groups but CATS has been the most professional and fun by far. Both have gained confidence in their acting, singing and dancing. So much so they want to make a career out of what they do. Brilliant experience for all age groups.

J. Myatt

The difference in my son’s confidence since starting at CATS is amazing. He was a shy, quietly spoken, nervous pupil at school. Less than two years later and he is now a peer buddy, school counsellor and confident in class. This is all down to CATS. He loves attending his Kittens group, and we’ve had to arrange our family holiday around summer school! Thank you so so much for enabling him to shine. My 3 year old can’t wait to attend! She knows most of the songs and dances as she had the Christmas DVD on permanently. She’s often heard saying “when I’m 5, I’m going to CATS aren’t I?!”

S. Heyes

My daughter has attended Kittens for just over 2 years and absolutely loves it! She has learnt skills in singing, dancing and acting, and through Kittens has an ever increasing circle of friends. CATS Youth Theatre provide a drama experience that is second to none and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone! 

D. Rice

My little girl has been coming to CATS since she was 5, she’s 8 now and she absolutely loves it, she’s made lots of new friends and her confidence has really grown.

V. Smethurst

My daughter has been coming to CATS for nearly 2 years. She enjoys it and thinks it’s really good fun.

What CATS members say...

I. Budis

I have been a member of CATS for nine years now, and have taken part in 11 shows and I can honestly say I have loved every second. The people you meet quickly become like a second family, and the confidence you earn by going every week is amazing. You get the chance to perform high standard shows, while learning so many skills and having a fabulous time throughout. Being a part of CATS is brilliant and you definitely won’t regret it!

L. White

Over the last 7 years I’ve been a member of CATS and have been given so many opportunities in performance. I started out in Juniors and moved up to Seniors. I have gained lots of confidence and friends and I now love performing on stage even more! There really is something for everyone, whether you have plenty of experience or very little, everyone is accommodated. If you are interested in performing or just want something fun to do that will give you lots of confidence don’t delay join us!!

J. Little

I got involved with CATS after watching their outstanding production of Les Miserables in 2005 and was lucky enough to go on to play some fun roles in Disco Inferno and Anything Goes. My favourite show at CATS was being in the ensemble of Steven Schwartz’ Children of Eden.  CATS was a vital part in my training and building my passion for the Arts. I thank Paul, Louise, Jenny, Alan and especially Sheila with her bob on prompting! 

K. Shaw

Being a member of CATS youth theatre was a huge part of my childhood and I can’t imagine life without it! The confidence and skills it has given me have enabled me to achieve things I didn’t think I would be capable of and I made friends for life. Paul and Louise are incredible people and I genuinely wish I was young enough to still be a part of it. For anyone thinking about joining – do it, you won’t regret it! 

H. Meadows

I love coming to CATS because it gives me a great opportunity to build my confidence skills, also I have made some great friends that will last a life time I have been with CATS for 7 years and I have loved every single show!